Tumbledown House

“It is a rarity when you find that group that has all the elements to make for a perfect evening. Musical talent, creativity, good looks, easy to work with and most importantly has the audience sending you emails asking to bring them back… Tumbledown House is that group.”
—Christian Wolf, Executive and Artistic Director, Torrance Cultural Arts

“Welcome to the Roaring ’20s, in all its sexy, boozy, violent glory.  Tumbledown House is so fresh and exciting because they do old so well. Vocalist Gillian Howe and jazz guitarist Tyler Ryan Miller have surrounded themselves with all sorts of cool cats…the result is an old style, jazzy, swampy romp, just like they used to do back in N’awlins.”—Atlanta Music Guide

San Francisco songwriting deviants, Tumbledown House, have never been easy to describe. Modern speakeasy, saloon jazz, parlor pop, and Tom Waits in a cocktail dress are some of the terms used, but none of these successfully convey the band's incomparable ability to fuse vintage sounds and themes from yesteryear with the modern instrumentation, refreshingly original compositions, and raw energy that we expect from today's performers.

Tumbledown House began in the rain-soaked streets of Portland, Oregon back in 2009. Since then, the band has performed over 800 shows throughout 25 states and has recently released their third full-length studio album, Sum and Substance. In 2012, the band relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area where they teamed up with clarinet virtuoso Zac Johnson, upright bass wizard Ryan Lukas, and creative percussionist Aaron Kierbel, who provide the perfect sonic landscapes for the intricately crafted songs of sultry vocalist Gillian Howe and producer/guitarist Tyler Ryan Miller. The resulting group has become just as notorious for their raucous speakeasy parties as they are adored for their intimate seated events, which are oftentimes enriched by lush storytelling; their ability to charm audiences of all walks of life is making Tumbleown House a rising festival favorite throughout Northern California and beyond.

Home Base: San Francisco