Zach Selwyn

Zach Selwyn is an actor/singer-songwriter and TV host who you might know from the popular TV series “America’s Secret Slang” on the the History Channel. He also plays “Uncle Leon” on the Disney X-D TV show “Kirby Buckets.” He and actress/musician Missi Pyle are the hosts of Missi and Zach Might Bang! – a musical comedy podcast produced by Anna Faris & Sim Sarna.

Zach is most known as the host of History/H2’s hit series “America’s Secret Slang.” He has also hosted and starred on TBS’s digital platforms, Science Channel’s hit shows Catch it Keep it and Punkin Chunkin, the original “American Ninja Warrior” on G4 and an un-aired NBC Sketch Comedy Pilot from 2014. Zach starred in the Budweiser Clydesdale Fetch Super Bowl commercial – voted top ten of all time. Zach’s sketch comedy group led him to become a traveling comedic correspondent/actor on G4’s #1 hit live show Attack of the Show from 2006-2009. He also hosted “CQC” with Greg Giraldo & Dominic Monoghan. He has released 5 comedy albums including Hungover at Disneyland (2014) and Pluck Yer Twanger (2010). Zach has also acted in such films and TV shows as Kickin It on Disney XD, Glory Daze on TBS, Greek on ABC Family Dead and Breakfast, Stargate Atlantis, and That 70’s Show. His first real break came as the runner-up and “most talented contestant” on the 2004 ESPN TV show “Dream Job.” He went on to host “Around the Horn” and a special on ESPN about Jimmy Rollins as well as anchor a pilot for ESPN in 2005.

Home Base: Los Angeles