William Robert

William learned to play the guitar and write songs at the age of 13, as a way to deal with the pain of his grandfathers passing. That initial coping mechanism quickly grew into a passion and a calling. Though William spent most of his young adult life on the football field, he couldn’t escape the melodies playing in his head. After a career in professional football, William set out to re-invent himself as a socially conscious musician and entrepreneur. William knows that music can heal & can bring the most unlikely people together; music makes strangers friends. Eclectic in his musical tastes, it’s hard to categorize his sound into one genre (Indy-R&B/Soul-Pop) but in every song there is a raw energy and soulful passion. His music lifts listeners out of the grey. The nuanced yet singable melodies demand to be heard, but above all else, they make you smile.

Home Base: San Francisco