Vintage Carnival Games

With trademark red and white pinstripes and turn of the century style games, vintage carnival games are a whimsical addition to any event.

These classical games are available in nearly endless combinations, making getting a combination perfect for any setting simple.

  • Over Under – Math game where the sum of the numbers you earn must be over or under two specified numbers.
  • Granny’s Cupboard – Throw bean bags to break plates.
  • 3 in a Row – Toss baseballs into a slotted box to try getting 3 in a row.
  • Penny Pitch – Throw pennies to try and land on painted circles.
  • Punk Pitch – Throw bean bags at faces to knock them over.
  • Coke Bottle Ring Toss – Toss rings to land on coke bottles.
  • Milk Bottles – Throw baseballs at stacked milk bottles.
  • Balloon Darts – Toss darts to pop balloons.
  • Bean Bag Toss – Toss bean bags into a painted clown cutout.
  • Poker Shooting Gallery – Use an air gun to blow over playing cards.
  • A Mustache and A Gentleman – Pin the mustache on the gentleman.
  • Bushel Barrel Toss – Toss bean bags into bushel barrels.
  • Wheel of CHANCE – Spin and perform silly acts to try and win prizes.
  • TONIC TILT – Hook the neck of a bottle and try to stand it up.

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