Tumbellina Shadow Shows

Tumbellina is a professional troupe based in London with over 15 years experience producing high-impact entertainment. Their in-house team includes directors, choreographers, digital designers, riggers, costume designers, Olympic gymnasts, balancing acrobats, aerialists, ballerinas, dancers, cyr wheel performers, jugglers & many more.

They can create bespoke shadow shows specifically for your event, or perform versions of their two pre-packaged shows, Evolve and Connect.

Evolve is an exciting show based on discovery and achievements! The show begins with the main character being swallowed into a book. In this new world, we travel back in time and watch previous achievements, inventions, and discoveries throughout our history. Stunning images are created with the performers’ bodies such as a horse and cart; An Egyptian sphinx; Newton discovering gravity; A steam train; A large windmill;  A car; Plane; And a  rocket so our main character can walk on the moon! Set to an uplifting soundtrack, your guests will absolutely love the show and leave feeling exhilarated! 

Connect is an uplifting show where they visit many different countries across the world! From the deserts and amazing skylines across the Middle East, to the architecture of Europe, the Great Wall of China and it’s ancient history, the Americas and even to Australia, New Zealand and beyond! They transform their shadows to create different iconic locations throughout. These include the Taj Mahal in India, Statue of Liberty, an elephant in Africa, a siheyuan in China, the Eiffel Tower, a gondola in Italy, the Tower Bridge in the UK, amongst many more. Watch as their main character travels to each country, meeting a new person in every place. The local person from each country interacts with the main character and is seen to shake hands or agree to be a part of something exciting. In the finale of the show, all the local people from the different countries come together. They are seen working as a team and creating the final images and acrobatic tableaus of the show. Together they create the word UNITE and take their final positions around a digital world globe. 

Home Base: London