Tom Torriglia

Tom Torriglia (Tor-il-ya) is one of the most sought-after musical entertainers in the Bay Area due to his incredible musical talent, professional attitude, theme-appropriate outfits and his ability to make everyone have a great time.

Tom is typically used as a strolling or stationary soloist, as a "meet and greet" person, as a pied piper for groups of people going from one location to another and in any other number of ways. In addition to working as a soloist, Tom performs with other strolling musicians and also plays in a variety of bands.

Tom specializes in both playing and singing Italian and Italian-American favorites. The fact that Tom sings, especially in Italian, really helps to enhance the ambience of Italian-themed events. He gets people singing along on O Marie, O Sole Mio and of course, That's Amore. Everyone loves it when Tom goes table to table during a dinner and plays and sings the Pasta Song. Tom is also quite frequently hired to play French music and Polkas and he typically performs for weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, corporate events and conventions, and anything else where people want to have some fun, festive music.

Home Base: San Francisco