The Sun Kings - Beatles

Entire Productions is proud to present The Sun Kings, the Bay Area's favorite Beatles tribute! Audiences and critics alike absolutely love their energy and spot on re-creation of the Beatles from early in their career to their breakup in 1970. 

The Sun Kings are not a traditional Beatles tribute band wearing fake mustaches and costumes onstage. No, their tribute is within the uncanny sound and spirit of the music! Close your eyes and imagine The Beatles at the beginning of their career - during their Hamburg days, before the suits, haircuts, and fame. Couple the energy and drive of those early performances with the diversity of all the Beatles records you know so well. Put it onstage and you have a Sun Kings' show, one that will leave you screaming for more!

In 1965, the Beatles not only managed to reach even greater heights of stardom, they also improved vastly as a group. They completed yet another film, this one in color, released 3 #1 singles in the U.K. (with 5 in the U.S.!), and also managed to record two full albums, each one arguably better than anything else they had released up to that point. As a part of those projects, Paul McCartney recorded Yesterday, the first Beatles song to feature only one Beatle, and it went on to become the most recorded song in history. 

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of 1965, the band will be presenting songs from that year, along with the other hits and b-sides spanning The Beatles' amazing career. 

Home Base: San Francisco