The Speakeasies

The Speakeasies are the perfect band to serve as either a soothing backdrop for an intimate evening with friends (soft acoustic jazz, 30's and 40's swing) or a sultry soundtrack of classic Soul and Blues from the 50's and 60's.

Comprised of some of the top jazz and world musicians in the San Francisco and North California area, The Speakeasies set themselves apart from other bands in their stylistic versatility and ability to adapt to your specific taste, budget, volume and space limitations. In any configuration, ranging in size anywhere from duo to sextet, the band retains its sense of elegance and class that guarantees your event's performance to feel timeless.

They have a very extensive repertoire in multiple genres, but are happy to fulfill any specific song request for your special evening. They can also try to emulate a particular recording that you love, or even accompany one of your party's guests in performing a prepared piece! The Speakeasies specialize in adding a personal touch, customizing each performance to best fit the mood while retaining their vintage look (retro suits, double-bass, vintage microphone).

Home Base: San Francisco