The Pocket

The Pocket is a Hip Hop, Funk, Reggae, Soul cover band and rhythm section of the Latin/Reggae band, Bayonics. Formed due to the positive feedback from fans while performing a few cover songs during their Bayonics concerts. They cover hits from the 60's to the present playing popular San Francisco music venues, restaurants, festivals as well as weddings, corporate and other private events.

The Pocket consist of guitar player Ryan "Shreddy" Riley, Keys - Anthony "Cologio" Del Barrio, Lead Vocals - Rojai(Row Juh), Bass - Bill "Billy" Hager, Vocals - Shamilah Ivory, Drums - Pedro "Petey" Gomez. Additional Pocket Players: Dame The Drummer, Mike Shiono, Imanuel Junaedy, Patrick Korte.

Home Base: San Francisco