The Humidors

With their debut album release this past winter, The Humidors are gearing up for a big year. Whether they're playing hard-hitting funk, vintage R&B, greasy slow-burn soul, or up-tempo rock, this party ensemble is fully committed to the groove in all its shapes and forms. The band's musical fellowship began in 2010 when likeminded Bay Area musicians were brought together over a mutual love and passion for classic funk and soul. Taking their cues equally from ensembles such as Tower of Power, The J.B.s, The Headhunters, War, Santana, and other bearers of the groove torch, The Humidors won't rest until they have everyone on the dance floor bouncing.

This experienced band of troubadours is grounded in a foundation of chugging drums, bass guitar, and percussion, upon which guitar, organ/keys, and horns build an infectious polyrhythmic stew. Leading it off, vocalist Joe Carter completes the band with his soulful singing and infectious energy. Featuring a diverse catalog of both originals and covers, The Humidors have developed a sound that pulls from a melting pot of vintage and modern influences, and is rooted in a commitment to the amazing power of the Great Group Dynamic. Meaning, when they're all together on stage, don't be surprised if they Funk You To Death!

Home Base: San Francisco