The Hi-Rhythm Hustlers

The Hi-Rhythm Hustlers are a five piece Rock n Roll band out of the San Francisco Bay Area. They are heavily influenced by the traditional and obscure sounds of 1950s rhythm & blues, doo wop and rockabilly. With Mike Walz on the bass and Jay Laude on drums providing a solid foot-stompin' rhythm, Noam Isen pounding the pianos 88s keys, Steve Merritt swingin' out flashy leads and solos and shuffling his feet on center-stage is Raul Castro taking the lead on vocals and saxophone. Music from the golden age of entertainment when crazy kids danced to bands such as Bill Haley's Comets... Slappin' upright bass, honking saxophone, rollin' piano and rockin' guitar for all-ages to jive, jump and swing to. With their recent release of "Across the Dial", The Hi Rhythm Hustlers are lighting up the stages up and down the west coast!

Home Base: San Francisco