The Bombshells

The Bombshells were created in 2016 by three ladies and one fella looking to bring the musicality, sentiments and novelty of vintage female trio acts to modern audiences today.

By blending Top 40 hits with the tight harmonies made famous by the Andrews Sisters, they bridge the gap between old and new, bringing joy to both young and more seasoned audiences. All of their arrangements are completely original and present songs you've heard a million times on the radio in a brand new way.

As Broadway World stated, "The Bombshells are first class winners. All three possess beautiful voices with superior accompaniment behind them. It's fresh, it's sassy, and its harmony is delightfully unlike anything you have ever heard."

Thus far, they've made appearances at Los Angeles' historic Edison Lounge, Rockwell Table and Stage, Las Vegas' Smith Center as well as a sold out NYC debut at the prestigious Birdland Jazz Club.

They are currently based out of Los Angeles, California.

Home Base: Los Angeles