The Back Pages

The Back Pages are the San Francisco Bay Area’s Tribute to 60’s Rock and Roll, authentically recreating the positive sound, image and spirit of the 60’s. Audiences will recognize the songs and will be “feelin’ groovy,” making any special event or night club performance a memorable experience.

Since forming in 1988, The Back Pages have continued to play the music that influenced their youth with the same intensity, feeling and authenticity that drove kids wild in the 60’s. It’s the real thing!

All band members grew up listening to Top 40 and FM underground radio. Although they grew up in different communities, their stories are the same. As teenagers they acquired instruments and started garage bands, playing the rock and roll hits of the day.

Today, you can still hear The Back Pages playing the hits of 60’s rock and roll: British Invasion, American Pop, Psychedelia, Surf and Folk Rock.

Home Base: San Francisco