Tara Linda

Equipped with a sultry voice, button accordion, and baritone ukulele, chanteuse Tara Linda plays original jazzy blues, Latin torch, and American roots. A Hohner and Lanakai endorsed Artist, she writes new tangos, waltzes, and boleros, and skirts global genres to blend them into a style uniquely hers. Influenced by the early torch singers of American and Latin American cultures, Tara writes music grounded in the Texas traditions she grew up with; jazz, blues, rock, and Tex-Mex. She has a world music heritage (Indian) and sings in Spanish and English. Tara Linda's performances are described as "mesmerizing" (TimeOut  Oakland Tribune/San Jose Mercury News) and her vocals “rich and sultry." 

Tara Linda came of age as a drummer in rock and punk bands in Austin Texas, all the while soaking up the region’s rich musical influences. She later fell in love with 1930’s Latin torch, and picked up the accordion. "The accordion takes you around the world like no other instrument," Tara says, "from Argentine bodegas, through French cafés, and across the borderlands of South Texas. As a singer, the accordion is emotional and endlessly expressive."

Home Base: San Francisco