Steelin' Dan

Ron Hall first came up with the idea of forming a Steely Dan tribute band in July 2003. The goal was to form a group of musicians who would be capable of recreating the timeless music of Steely Dan live on-stage, and do so in a way that would be authentic and powerful. This would require a special group of players, individuals with exceptional talent, a love for the music, and an attitude of genuine respect for everyone involved with the project.

The months and years that followed have been a wonderful journey, and have resulted in a group of players that are among the finest musicians in the area. Each of them love paying tribute to the highly polished, ironic, unpredictable and beloved jazz-rock music of Donald Fagen and Walter Becker. The band is known for their note-perfect renditions of Steely Dan favorites, combined with their professional stage show.  

In an era when more and more bands are relying on pre-recorded backing tracks during their shows, you can rest assured that Steelin' Dan's shows are 100% authentic, 100% live! There are no pre-recorded tracks, no crutches, not even the use of a click-track. Everything you hear at a Steelin' Dan concert is being performed live in front of you!   

Steelin' Dan presents a memorable experience, one that continues to excite fans throughout California and the western states.

Home Base: San Francisco