Spirit of Polynesia

Spirit of Polynesia has been in existence since 1979 when they performed their first modest shows under that name in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since 1980, Spirit of Polynesia has been guided by J. Kimo and Jill Baird. In 1981, the Spirit of Polynesia was asked to perform in the month long "Festival of Hawaii" at the famous "Tonga Room" in the San Francisco Fairmont Hotel, performing two shows per night, seven nights per week for one month. This engagement pushed Spirit of Polynesia in the direction of producing large, multi-cultural and traditional Polynesian shows that mark its reputation today. In addition, their musicians and drummers have gained a reputation in competitions and performances worldwide.

Today, Spirit of Polynesia performs in many festivals of traditional ethnic dance such as the Ethnic Dance Festival, various performance series of traditional folklore bent, and many entertainment orientated events where there is a demand for authentic portrayal of these art forms in dance styles, costumes and music. Spirit of Polynesia performs at over 130 engagements per year, both large and small. They travel outside the country, performing on tours and cruises several times a year. Spirit of Polynesia has received numerous awards for their performing efforts and won a three year Arts Grant from the California Arts Council to further their goal of preserving and performing these Polynesian Pacific music, drums and dance traditions. 

Home Base: San Francisco