Spencer Sutherland

Spencer Sutherland offers Classical and Latin Guitar and DJ music that puts spunk into cocktail hours, dinners, weddings, and dance parties. He believes in sharp presentations, smooth productions, and pairing good food and good people with bold music. 

As a DJ, expect sunny cocktail music, radiant dinner music at a conventional volume, tasteful MCing, a wireless mic for toasts, and of course, a packed dance floor. He is known for his success with just about any event crowd and performs at the finest venues weekly. 

As a Classical and Latin Guitarist, Spencer's gentle melodies, smooth Brazilian rhythms, spicy flamenco solos, and nostalgic pop covers have captivated thousands of guests at weddings and cocktail parties throughout the Bay Area. 

He can also combine his talents for the client who can't decide or simply wants both!

Home Base: San Francisco