Solsa was the brainchild of JOE GARCIA, manager of Solsa. Although there were many Latin bands and many R&B bands in the Sacramento Valley, there were very few, if any, that performed music from both of these genres. From that idea, Solsa was formed.

Solsa's music consists of standard and original Latin and R&B tunes, all infused with a signature Latin percussion and flair. Solsa is also a melting pot for some of the Sacramento Valley's most talented musicians who, collectively, have amassed an incredible musical resume performing with and opening up for legendary acts such as MALO, EL CHICANO, TOWER OF POWER, CONFUNKSHUN, TIERRA, CARLOS SANTANA, JORGE SANTANA, CHARRO, and many more.

Solsa performs all genres of music including Latin, Pop, R&B, Soul, and Rock. We can customize the variety of music for your specific event so that you can tailor to the preferences of your guests, and if you're looking for a smaller ensemble, we can perform as Solsa On The Rocks, our 6 piece band specializing in rock & pop.

Home Base: San Francisco