Social Funktion

Social Funktion is a band that can do it all. Comprised of 5-8 professional musicians, the band is immensely versatile and can always adapt to fit the crowd. They specialize in recreating funk and soul covers from the 60's and 70's, but they are just as capable of taking you back into the days of Motown as they are of delivering the contemporary sounds of artists like Norah Jones or Lauryn Hill. By request, Social Funktion can add a number of blues and classic rock songs to the set, and no party band is complete without driving dance tunes like "I Will Survive" and "We are Family" in their repertoire.

Bandleader and bassist Justin Hellman always discusses the performance in detail with his clients so that he can tailor the set to fit the evening. The musicians are all seasoned professionals in a variety of genres and have music degrees from prestigious universities, but they are also young, fun people to whom your guests can relate. The roster of Social Funktion is flexible, depending on the budget for the event. At full force they are an 8 piece band with guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, vocals, saxophone, trombone, and trumpet.

Vocalist Terrie is a natural-born performer and always keeps the crowd engaged with her incredible singing voice and entertaining stage antics. Her 20 years of classical voice study and experiences traveling the world with the bands D'CuCkoo and Rhytmixx have helped her find her unique voice, which resembles the soulful voices of Aretha Franklin and Etta James.

Home Base: San Francisco