Smart Fellers

The Smart Fellers are a Northern California based swing band having the distinction of being one of very few bands to have had their first show in an elevator. Eclectic influences form the band's sound. Think Louis Jordan and Cab Calloway meets Bob Wills. Other sounds sneak in too, such as Pink Floyd and shades of lounge music. The band thrills in playing classic rock songs in a retro swing style, keeping audiences on their toes while keeping the dance beat swinging. The core of The Smart Fellers’ sound are Otto's driving stride piano, Larson's rhythmic guitar strumming and Parks’ solid slap bass lines. Larson doubles on heartfelt vocals bringing the songs to life. The Smart Fellers make it their mission to play jazz that's tailored for dancing, enjoying and just plain having fun. Join the party by contacting The Smart Fellers to play at your next event!

Home Base: San Francisco