Scot Byars (Square Dance Caller)

In 1975 Scot officially enrolled in Bill Peters Callers School, where he polished his understanding of choreography. Today, Scot is on the staff of 4Dance Academy Callers College, with schools in; Napa, California; Denver, Colorado and at floating-All-inclusive resorts in Hawaii, Mexico and the Bahamas.

His accomplishments are as follows: Over 32 articles written to date. Author of Square Dance 101 (Teach the Teacher) CD and Book Set. Scot has taught well over 2,500 dancers from Basic through C-2. He is considered the "Master Blaster" with his extrodinary upbeat and energetic teaching techniques. Scot's wide range of music styles draws Adults and Teenagers alike to him, and his 25-year trained voice is considered one of the best in the calling field. As a full-time National caller, Scot calls & teaches for six clubs, weekly and year-round in the Sacramento, Petaluma and Napa Areas, while traveling throughout the United States on the weekends. 

Home Base: San Francisco