Sanj Singh

Sanj became interested in magic at age 10...

When his parents took him to a magic shop in Disney World. Since then, he has tirelessly studied sleight of hand, psychology, and performance theory to become a premier choice for entertainment at corporate events, private parties, and restaurants worldwide.

His close-up magic happens inches away from the audience. At restaurants, Sanj performs private shows for each table with cards, coins, rubber bands, and various other borrowed objects. If the guests are standing, Sanj will stroll around to each group and politely astonish them. 

His stand-up magic is ideal for larger groups and is usually 20-45 minutes long. Sanj will involve a majority of the guests in his highly interactive show. Companies generally request custom presentations for these shows which Sanj will gladly accommodate. For a more formal show where guests are seated, Sanj will perform a full-length 70-minute stage show. This style is ideal in theaters, large open spaces, and corporate auditoriums. 

Home Base: San Francisco