Rosalba is a professional belly dance artist and instructor based in Los Angeles, California. Her dancing is dynamic and breathtaking, representing the high quality and artistic standards she sets for herself and her dance company.

Rosalba fell in love with belly dance in 2003 and immediately began training with internationally renowned instructors like Angelika Nemeth, Tamra-Henna, Zahra Zuhair, and Meera Varma. She entered the world of Middle Eastern dance with a background in Flamenco, Afro- Cuban, Brazilian, and modern dance.

Rosalba graduated from UCLA’s World Arts and Cultures Department with a degree in dance and Latin American History. She was a full time dance instructor for LAUSD performing arts programs from 2003-2009. Her performances in belly dance and Indian dance styles became in such high demand that she decided to form the Zahira Dance Company in 2009 and the Lunasha Bollywood Dance Company in 2010. Rosalba’s dance talent has taken her to Egypt, Canada, Turkey and around the United States. In 2010 she was selected among many world applicants to train under the direction of Yasmina Ramzy and the Arabesque Dance Academy of Canada. She was also selected to be a contestant on “America’s Top Bellydancer.”

Rosalba is one of the most requested belly dancers in the Los Angeles area and has been invited to perform for various celebrities including Dr. Dre’s wedding anniversary, the Dodgers, the Chicago Bulls and many more. She has been featured in the Ellen Degeneres show, David Tutera’s “My Fair Wedding” and recently appeared on Vanity Fair magazine posing next to the Victoria Secret models.

Home Base: Los Angeles