Rocky Ramirez

It all started in Stockton, CA. in the the mid 80's when Rocky began singing, playing piano, and writing songs at the age of ten or eleven. He knew that he was mesmerized at a young age when his dad took him to see James Brown perform live at the Circle Star Theater. After seeing how much he was drawn to music, his dad always made it a point to take him to see a lot of great artists. Gladys Knight. James Brown. After 7. George Benson. Tower Of Power. They were there.

At 16 years old, Rocky met some amazing young musicians from Franklin High School in East Stockton at an all city band performance. These cats were so amazingly focused and dedicated to their music that he decided to change high schools his senior year just so he could play with them and learn from their incredible award winning director Mel Won.

By the time he was 17, he was recording in Los Angeles at Ameraycan Studios under the creative tutelage/vocal coaching of Philip Ingram (Switch, Motown) and Ollie Brown (Ollie&Jerry).

One of his favorite memories from being a high school kid in LA was, one time after performing at an industry event at Berry Gordy Jrs. house, Smokey Robinson came up to him and gave him a big ol' hug and said with that signature smooth voice of his, 'Don't you ever stop that singing!'" Rocky couldn't wait to tell his dad about that! Smokey had been a staple since his folks' generation! And there he was giving Rocky these beautiful words of encouragement. That right there just made all his insides light up.

After that crash course into the world of the LA music scene where Rocky recorded demos with great folks like Philip Ingram, Marc Nelson (Az Yet), and shopping tunes to labels, and publishers, he headed back to Northern California and kept writing music for artists and gigging constantly. From playing keyboards at 19 years old with Confunkshun saxophonist Ron Moton, to performing solo piano and singing every summer weekend at his favorite Caribbean restaurant The Breadfruit Tree, eventually some of his music began to find its way into the hands of other artists and producers.

To date, music Rocky has created has been recorded and produced by artists such as Jeff Lorber, Brian Bromberg, Les Sabler, Eric Marienthal, Toni Scruggs, Rahsaan Patterson, and R&B crooner Keith Eric Martin. Rocky can't wait to grow these connections and experiences with other heart-forward, creative, artists and performers.

So far, Rocky has had the pleasure to share the stage with some of his favorite artists: Jon B, Morris Day and The Time, Donell Jones, Lilan Kane, The Hogan Brothers, Rojai(Bayonics), as well as residencies with his own band project: Love City Riot.

Home Base: San Francisco