Rock the Bike

You can green your event by renting Rock the Bike's Pedal Power gear, reducing your carbon footprint and inspiring people at your event. Pedal Power gives your event attendees a unique experience that they will never forget. Guests sit on the bikes and pedal to:

  • Blend their own smoothies,
  • Recharge their smart phones,
  • Power the stage for a concert,
  • Create an interactive lighting piece,
  • Churn ice cream,
  • and more!

Bringing Pedal Powered activities to your event increases the fun and participation and puts people in an open, joyous, and receptive state, where they’re ready to interact and learn. It’s green energy in action! Rock the Bike activities provide a way for people use their own muscle power and instantly achieve a delightful and memorable result.

Home Base: San Francisco