Rock n Roll Teambuilding

Music is in all of us. Melody, rhythm, harmony and story-telling combine in a universal language that we understand on a deep emotional level.

Rock and Roll Team Building brings out the music in each of us so we can connect on a deeper level. Think of it as a musical awakening. These workshops create a relaxed environment where team members can be creative, express themselves and engage with each other. They’ll learn a new way to work together and discover talents along the way.

Led by INXS singer Ciaran Gribbin, the interactive sessions are the most fun anyone can have at a corporate event.

They don't take a cookie cutter approach, either. Rock and Roll Team Building workshops are flexible. They'll collaborate with you to design a musical experience that meets your desires and creates something truly special. 

Ciaran is the founder of Rock and Roll Team Building and a founding member of the supergroup Stadium whose rock-star members have performed with giant acts such as Aerosmith, U2, Prince, Sting, INXS, Morrissey, Ringo Starr and many more.

Home Base: Los Angeles