Retro JuxeBox Band

When you think back on those great concerts that you've seen in person or on video from the past, the main ingredient was "Entertainment". Well that is the mission at hand when Retro JukeBox Band takes the stage. Lively, Interactive, personalized musical experiences are what RJB will bring to any occasion.

You are in the drivers seat; which musical destinations do you want to visit. Think of RJB as an old jukebox or your favorites on your personal playlist. They specialize in multiple styles of music. Journey from the street band sound of New Orleans to the classic swing of the Cotton Club in Harlem. Head on down to the Blues Capitol Memphis, then hop a train up to Hitsville U.S.A for that timeless Motown sound. The band covers decades of classics and Retro versions of today's hits.

Create "Grand Memories" and "Magical Moments" when you hire The Retro JukeBox Band. A mix of young and veteran professional musicians, whose performance experience includes tours with all time greats.

Home Base: San Francisco