Renegade Rockers

The Renegade Rockers are a world renowned B Boy crew established in 1983, in San Francisco, California. In the mid-90's The Renegades earned the reputation for amazing power moves, raising the bar for dynamic moves globally. Since that time, Renegades have upheld a tradition of excellence, winning numerous competitions world wide. Some notable victories include, Radiotron (Los Angeles, CA), Best of the Best (San Jose, CA), Bboy Summit (Los Angeles, CA), Pro-Am USA (Miami, FL and San Francisco, CA), Euro Pro-Am, Freestyle Session (Los Angeles, CA), Chelles Battle Pro (France), B1 Championship (Tokyo, Japan), Outbreak (Orlando, FL), All the Way Live (Hayward, CA), and most recently Redbulls BC1(Moscow, Russia). Other highlights include performances with the NBA's Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings, as well as the NFL's Oakland Raiders.

They have also performed along side hip-hop icons Run DMC, Curtis Blow, KRS-One, Gangstarr, Hieroglyphics, and Black Eyed Peas. Renegades have been featured in Music video's with Carlos Sanatana, Monica, and cameo'd in movies such as Planet B-boy, You Got Served, and Step Up 3. Since 1983 The Renegade Rockers have continued to contribute to the B-boy culture, innovating style and moves, and existing with a solid presence in the global hip-hop community.  

Home Base: San Francisco