Raphaelle - Body Painter

Raphaelle Fieldhouse is a multi-faceted Artist in many different disciplines and mediums; illustration, sculpture, canvases, murals etc. However, she is most noted for her bodypainting works that have won her many titles and much acclaim throughout the world.

Raphaelle is a two-time World Bodypainting Award winning artist and is suitably skilled to tackle any project, having been painting professionally since 1999. Bodypainting is very much like graphic design in that it can be used as a vehicle to present or promote any concept or product. The added benefit is that these living, breathing pieces of art can also move, perform and interact with the public. Bodypainted models instantly grab the attention with their stunning designs and stay in the memories (& news feeds) of those who see them. Whether it’s for an editorial photoshoot, a trade show or flashmob publicity stunt, bodypainting is the best way of getting people talking about your brand.

Raphaelle has an outstanding and creative artistic team who can design and paint elaborate themed bodies as tableaux of statues and meet & greet models for your big event, be it a wedding or an awards ceremony. Perfect for special promotions and product & venue launches, Raphaelle’s bodypainting can add that sense of creativity and uniqueness to your event. Raphaelle will work closely with your theme, brand, logos and products to provide you with your own special design. You may also wish to provide body art as a service for your guests or loyal customers, offering them a chance to become a living work of art.

Home Base: London