Pride & Joy

With electrifying showmanship and powerful performances, this phenomenal R&B band has been bringing Bay Area crowds to their feet for 25 years. This group is the Pride of the Bay Area and a Joy to anyone who loves to dance. They have achieved this by presenting the most timeless pop/soul music of our time in an electrifying high-style show that pulls the audience directly into the heart of their performance. This band can play anywhere from the most popular clubs on the circuit to wedding receptions the top society parties and corporate events everybody, everywhere, instantly relates to the music.

It's always been natural for them to reach out and draw in the audience. They make the people feel they're part of the performance because they are. That's what Pride & Joy has always been about... creating a great feeling in the room. That's as important a part of their show as the work they put into their look, choreography and arrangements. As evidence of Pride & Joy's across-the-board staying power, the band regularly sells out full weekend engagements at San Francisco's permiere nightclub, the Great American Music Hall and has set a house record at New George's, Marin County's most prominent club.

Home Base: San Francisco