Popular Demand

When Popular Demand throws down, you can say goodbye to a sleepy night in a mellow setting. Life is short, and after a hard day of work, what you really need is to be able to take some time to express yourself and create memories in an engaging atmosphere full of fun.

This is your invitation to relive and fall in love with your favorite songs from the 70’s on into the future. Whether you're after some rock, pop, country, alternative, R&B, or soul, Popular Demand has got you covered. With live music, it’s all about the details and the feel. Your body deserves the right to bounce to the rhythm while your soul floats effortlessly across a lush sonic landscape. So Popular Demand analyzes, synthesizes, and dramatizes every bit of energy that classic songs require to get your heart skipping through time.

You found what you've been looking for, so settle in and buy a drink. This is the experience that will free your worries so you can get the most out of life. They’re loud. They’re here to make you dance. They bring the party.

Home Base: San Francisco