Pop Music Video Night

Pop Music Video Night is an event hosted by DJ Imani, with DJs spinning the music videos of all of the biggest hit songs on a giant screen, and is now being offered as a package for private events. With over 20 years experience working in nightclubs, and private parties, you can rest assured your event will be in the hands of an experienced professional. For smaller events, a 60 inch screen will be on a stand about 5 feet high, but for bigger events, you can upgrade to either a projector, or even rent an LED wall.

One of the best things about this experience is that it almost feels as if you’re watching your favorite artists performing live. Let’s be honest, just watching DJs has become slightly monotonous these days, but this concept actually engages the crowd a bit more. You’ll notice that people who tend to be a bit more reserved will be more comfortable on the dance floor, because they’ll have something to focus on. You’ll also see way less people on their phones. Many times people are seeing some of these music videos for the very first time, so even if someone may not particularly enjoy a certain song, having a visual element keeps them interested, and keeps the dancefloor full. We all want our events to be more interactive, and this is the perfect addition to create that environment. 

I have thousands of music videos for you to choose from, so we can curate the perfect playlist for you, and I can even take requests. If there’s a song I don’t have, I can also download it on the spot. Some songs don’t have an official music video, but with advance notice, I can even make a custom video for you. We can also do theme parties of specific artists. Some of the theme nights we’ve done have been Bad Bunny, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, The Weeknd and so many others. We’ve also had genre specific nights such as Emo Night, Girl Pop Night, EDM Night, and more.

Music videos didn't die just because MTV and VH1 stopped playing them, so think of us as the new TRL.


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