Petite Pix

Petite Pix is a fun-loving photo booth rental company that provides photo booth rentals for weddings, birthdays, holiday parties, reunions, Quinceañera fiestas, corporate events, and any other shindig.  

They designed and built their photo booths themselves and take great pride in providing a custom and joyous experience for each of their clients. Their photo booths offer all of the modern features, including instant social media uploading, DSLR camera, super-fast professional prints, and photo filters, while exuding vintage flair.

They have four styles to choose from:

     - The Petite Pix Classic Photo Booth that features a dark oak finish and heather grey curtain,
     - The Petite Pix Studio which features a modern open design with completely customizable backdrop,
     - The Petite Pix Portrait Booth that consists of a handmade mahogany field camera with brass accents
       and leather bellows on wooden vintage tripod and matching mahogany printer box, and,
     - The Mid-Century Modern Photo Booth that features sleek lines of its walnut veneer.

Everything from their super-sized prints to the dual displays on their booths are designed to complement each client’s event and vision.

Home Base: Los Angeles, San Francisco