Patrice Haan

Patrice Haan (Oakland CA) is a harper, singer, songwriter, composer and wordsmith, devoted to the healing presence of listening. 

Patrice has an ear for melody, a heart for feelings and a gift for lyrics which she combines into beautiful music, whether singing and playing her own songs or interpreting others' creations.

As well as playing therapeutic music with Healing Muses, a non-profit that provides music for healing in local hospitals, Patrice is increasingly being recognized for her songwriting and poetry.  Her tunes are often described as "beautiful, gorgeous, poetic and evocative, healing our souls and our heartache with the palpable love and the poetry of the music." 

Besides her intuitive and poetic harp compositions, Patrice is best known for her sultry and seductive vocal performances with Tony Marcus in the Oakland-based jazz ensemble Leftover Dreams.

Home Base: San Francisco