Nikki Borodi

Nikki Borodi, songwriter and acrobat, dazzles audiences by combining her unique vocal stylings and acrobatic talents during her signature "acrolele" performances. Her message can be felt through every performance she gives: "We have the power to transform fears into flight, and to turn dreams into reality."

After many years of developing herself as an artist in NYC, Nikki now resides in Oakland, CA. A performer, speaker and teacher, she empowers others to tap into their true passions. Combining music, acrobatics, performance, art and design she leaves her audiences inspired, passionate and committed to their own journeys.

Nikki believes that by continuing to be a reflection of breaking through her own ideas of impossibility that it will support her audience's own personal transformations. Her work is geared towards inspiring active change that translates into the manifestation of one's hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

Home Base: San Francisco