Naomi Aeva

Naomi has been performing on stage in one capacity or another for the past 20 years. Starting off as a child pianist, she moved on to become a teenage singer, a trained actor in musical theatre, and finally ran away with the circus. While completing her BFA in Musical Theatre from Chicago College of Performing Arts, Naomi studied static trapeze and aerial silks with Shayna Swanson and Aloft Aerial Dance. She began teaching and performing as an aerialist with Aloft shortly after graduating from theatre school, and then moved to San Francisco, CA to continue her training as a circus performer. She is currently a member of San Francisco based dance company Capacitor (  

Naomi Aeva brings the fill spectrum of a multi-dimensional training in the arts to her work as an aerialist. Fusing the worlds of music, dance, and theatre in the air, she creates a deeper experience of cirque performance.

Home Base: San Francisco