Mosaic Wall Photo Booth

Your image. Created by your guests.

Imagine instant digital and physical mosaics, formed in real-time at events. Attendees can use Instagram, Twitter, on-site Keshot photobooths, and more to automatically upload to the mosaic. A mosaic masterpiece is created using a high-tech algorithm. Guests are able to take part in user-generated content, creating an investment in the final product.

The interactive nature of building the mosaic creates an investment from attendees. A strategic placement of the artwork is sure to draw the eye and attendees in. Throughout the event, they will meander towards the booth, checking in to see the finished mosaic come to life. The final image sends a message of cohesiveness. People coming together and creating one image from many. The “all in this together” message will create positive connections to your brand that will continue to spread after the event concludes.

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