Morris LeGrande

The flavor that jazz guitarist Morris LeGrande brings to an event is a blend of over three decades of producing, recording, and performing music. From the intimacy of solo guitar at private gatherings to the grandeur of performing with his ensemble at festivals attended by thousands, Morris always pleases. Influenced by guitarists of all genres including blues, funk, rock, gospel, and rhythm & blues, the unique jazz sound that Morris shares is pure improvisation in real time that reflects back the energy that he receives from his audiences.

In recent years, two of Morris’ passions – golf and wine – have led him to the wide open spaces of California’s Wine Country where he has become known as The Wine Country Guitarist. He has performed at The Russian River Vineyards, J. Winery, City Winery in Napa, the Pulido-Walker Estate, and the prestigious Festival Napa Valley.

Like a one-of-a kind guitar, a fine wine, and a perfect golf swing, what distinguishes Morris LeGrande from all other performers is the same thing that makes your event special – the subtle details that are unique to and for your guests. Morris understands and acknowledges that the hosts and the attendees of all events where he performs are the stars of the event. His willingness to listen to the goals of event professionals coupled with his ability “read the room” to make fine-tuned adjustments seamlessly makes events memorable for all.

Home Base: San Francisco