Montuno Swing

Montuno Swing is not only a music lover's gem, but also a dancer's band. They give salseros lots to grab onto for movement, and groove to. Montuno Swing is 100% versatile. They are the perfect combination of Salsa, Merengue, cha-cha, Cumbia, Latin Jazz, Bolero, Mexican Banda and bachata! They are committed to pleasing all of your guests music preferences.

Montuno Swing consists of 8 members and produce a big, crisp sound. The band is a collection of outstanding Bay Area musicians with a laundry list of credentials to back them up. Our members hail from different areas of Latin America and the USA resulting in a sound influenced by an eclectic mix of backgrounds. This is a collection of well-seasoned artists bringing ambiance and great contact with the crowd, juicy trombone tunes, long-tickling piano solos, and clever percussion beats sending you spinning across the floor. Are you ready to dance?

Home Base: San Francisco