Mission Hot Club

A core repertoire of lightning hot gypsy jazz evokes the ambience of a smoky Parisian café, complemented with sounds from neighboring acoustic genres including the Spanish, Irish, Balkan, New Orleans, and Klezmer traditions.

​Their lineup brings the big sound of a full Gypsy Swing/Bal-musette group, including violin, clarinet, accordion, upright bass, and both nylon and steel string acoustic guitars!

Hailing from France, Belarus, Israel, Mexico, NYC, Alabama and Indiana, this hot club began playing together in the Mission District of San Francisco in 2018.

Home Base: San Francisco

"MHC was hot! They were great to work with and brought a sold out show to our venue!"

Carola Zertuche, Artistic Director
Theatre Flamenco of San Francisco

"What a treat to have MHC on our stage - their skill and versatility delighted us!"

Eric Whittington, Owner
Bird and Beckett Books and Records