Mirabai Deranja

Mirabai’s parents finally allowed her to go to dance class when she was four years old. She couldn’t understand what had taken them so long. She studied and practiced, developing her fiery passion for life and dance. She dedicated her time to learning every dance style she could, finding satisfaction in each. She has danced professionally in Jazz, Swing, Blues and Salsa. But when she found Argentine Tango, she felt like she had come home.

She graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a degree in Astronomy and then moved to Buenos Aires, where she lived and trained for 5 years. Now she tours the world, teaching tango full time. Tango has become her source of energy and inspiration. Today she is recognized as a world class instructor and performer.

As a teacher, she is kind, knowledgeable and skillful. Years of experience have given her the ability to see an error quickly. In moments she can help correct it, guiding the student to think about the situation differently. She has a unique ability for helping her students gain an inner feel for the spirit of tango.

As a dancer she is masterful in her execution; commanding and passionate, yet elegant and beautiful. Her feet are quick and precise. There is a depth of feeling behind her movements that can be easily seen in the joy that shines through her as she dances. 

Home Base: San Francisco