Mike Vitale

Mike Vitale is a singer/songwriter based out of Los Angeles, CA. He has spent years performing at local and regional venues, coffeeshops, bars, restaurants, resorts, hotels, shopping centers, street corners, corporate events, private parties, record stores, colleges, and universities. His first official release was a full length acoustic album recorded on a shoe-string budget, called Idiosyncrasies, in 2007. He toured the west coast, the midwest, and sporadic shows along the east coast in support of this first release.

In 2012, he funded his second album using the crowdsourcing platform, Kickstarter. His desire was to fulfill a life long dream of recording his songs with a band.

The subsequent release was simply titled Mike Vitale, and features 6 of Mike’s songs, which he produced with the help of musical friends from all over Southern California including Frank Reina (drums and engineering), Brad Cummings (bass), Jon Lacroix (keys), Johnny Gomez (electric guitar), Cory Clark (electric guitar), Justin Burrow (electric guitar), Brett Bixby (keys), Anthony Gonzalez (Percussion), Bryan Lynch (drums), Robbie Gullage (bass).

In 2015, Mike released an americana tune entitled "Running Away From Home" and exclusively made it available for purchase on Bandcamp. All proceeds from the song were donated to the Michael J. Fox Parkinson's Research Foundation as a one-year-long campaign to raise money for Parkinson's Research.

Mike is currently writing, producing, and engineering a new collection of songs to be released in 2018 as both singles and in traditional album format, using the crowdsourcing platform, Patreon, to help fund this artistic endeavor. He is also very active on Youtube, making a consolidated effort to release one new cover or original song, once a week. He is also maintaining a busy schedule of playing shows, both solo acoustic and with a band behind him, to support this new material.

Home Base: Los Angeles