Michael Silver - Magician

What do you get when you combine a comedian and a magician? You get Michael Silver, a stellar entertainer who will amaze and keep your audience laughing during his show. Since the age of 8, when he first appeared on TV performing magic, Michael has been entertaining audiences with his unique combination of magic, wit, and improvisational abilities. For 45 to 60 minutes he will whisk you away to a fun magical world...a place where a camera can take a picture of your thoughts, his "Future Scope" unlocks the secrets of time travel and "Mind-Reading Glasses" will reveal your deepest secrets...don't worry, Michael won't reveal everything he sees!

There's also tons of comedy...Morris, the mind-reading roll of toilet paper and red-neck balloon sculpting to name just a few routines. More importantly, there are the unplanned routines that happen because of your group's unique personality and Michael's improvisation skills. Because of this, no two shows are alike, both in content and comedy material. If Michael Silver can't get your group fired up, no one can...Guaranteed!

Michael's show is all about fun, laughter, in-the-moment magic and tons of audience participation. It's a space where adults can remember what it's like to play, be silly and have a sense of wonder. Do you have a group that is lively, likes to play and kid around with each other? Call Michael Silver. Do you have a group that needs a kick in the seat of the pants and a jolt of fun? Call Michael Silver. Do you want guests approaching you after the show saying "Wow, that was great, how'd you find him?" Call Michael Silver. He entertains with nothing more than charisma, personality, sleight-of-hand and a few ordinary objects...the first five minutes of his show is a roll of toilet paper and a dollar bill!

Home Base: San Francisco