Michael Jackson Impersonator

This amazing impressionist was a desperate dirt-poor Haitian boy surviving in the countryside of Haiti on mangoes while forbidden to dance voodoo. When he arrived in America, he became a dishwasher in Miami Beach, but when he discovered he looks like Michael Jackson (it was like stepping out of his shadow into the light), he believed that was his sole ticket to a better life. With this new potent identity in America, he never imagined the opportunities that would come his way by looking like Mike and dancing almost like Mike.

With this new life, his self-esteem gave him the courage to become one of the bests Breakdancers in the world. Getting an education was also his goal in life. After winning a national televised dance competition, Dr. Joyce Brothers advised him to go to college if he wanted to be an actor on the classical stage to follow the path of Sidney Poitier, William Marshall, Paul Robeson, and Ira Aldridge.

He managed to enter the University of Southern California by working his way through college to earn a B.F.A in Drama. In 1998, when he blew his audition for the lead role in Steven Spielberg-Debbie Allen historical epic Amistad, he took it as a sign to further his classical acting training; so that same year, he got in the Institute for Advanced Theatre Training at Harvard University - The Moscow Art Theatre School (Russia). He took up Russian for a year at Harvard to study abroad in Moscow for a semester. 

Back to Harvard to finish the year, he met Marcel Marceau after a performance at the Loeb Drama Center, who expressed that he reminds him of his good friend Michael Jackson and invited him to eat sushi with him at Harvard Square for a congress on the arts & MJ.  

After graduation in 2000, he moved to New York to hunt for acting work on the classical stage.

After a successful audition, he was chosen by Michael Kahn, Artistic Director for the Shakespeare Theatre to work along side Mr. Avery Brooks (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Captain Sisko) & Mr. Earle Hyman (Cosby Show) as Prince of Thebes in the Oedipus Plays in Wahsington DC (captured in a video production for the Lincoln Performing Arts Center Library in NY).

Later, he worked as a Shakespearian Actor at the Yale Repertory Theatre (with Avery Brooks & John Douglas Thompson), the American Repertory Theatre, the Moscow Art Theatre. 

For him, "By realizing this dream, anything else is possible for a Haitian child who starts with nothin'... coming to America on a boat full of refugees. The credit goes to Michael Jackson... let it be known!" 

Home Base: San Francisco