Mia Jones

Mia Jones is one of the best french violinist browsing classical and pop music. With years of experience in events, weddings and private parties, and a master violin solo at the Conservatoire de Paris, she will offer a high class performance and dazzling virtuoso performances.

Mia is also extremely versatile, and thanks to her absolute ear, she can almost instantly learn any song or style of music - from Bach to Electro, from Vivaldi to Led Zeppelin! She plays 2 different violins - a traditional classical violin and an electric violin, which will surprise your guests.

Mia sonorise her violins with a wireless system included in its price, allowing him to play by strolling through the different rooms.

Based in Paris, she can travel anywhere in France and around the world.

The success of Mia Jones also comes from the high quality of artistic advice and the confidence she establishes with the people with whom she collaborates.

This advice extends to all aspects of the musical journey, from his own personal and professional judgment, to help make important decisions about music selection so that your event is unique and perfectly successful.

Home Base: London