Maxine Marcus

Born May 2000 and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Maxine Marcus is a singer/songwriter and performs on both guitar and piano. Her memorable vocal stylings, intonation, and catchy melodies infuse her original music which celebrate the human experience with its bright and dark shades. All told from a teenage perspective while balancing life, friends, high school and family. Teamed up with producer Dan Shea (Sony Music, Mariah Carey, J Lo), Maxine’s forthcoming EP brings grit and soul together with deep bass and grooves, inspired by her love of diverse genres especially EDM, Alternative, Pop, and R&B. As the daughter of musicians, she has been surrounded by music and performing since a recording her first song, “Bitter To Breath” at the age of 13. In fact, the day before she was born, her mother was jumping up and down while performing on the stage of Slim’s in San Francisco. The next generation is here.

Home Base: San Francisco