Mariachi Nueva Generacion

As the premier San Francisco Mariachi band, Mariachi Nueva Generacion consists of studied, professional musicians combining over 35 years of history and music experience to bring the essence of traditional Mariachi direct to your heart.

In 2002 Salvador "Chava" Garcia formed and directed the group along with Higinio Espinoza. As the elder, more experienced members, they brought a storied history and experience from bands in both Mexico and California. They have performed in many states around the US and Mexico. In addition, the group also has several extremely talented younger members bringing classical training and youthful experience to the fold. 

Mariachi Nueva Generacion is the merging of the two generations, young and old and provides the members with a powerful outlet to showcase their talent. They continued to rise in popularity becoming known as one of the the finest Mariachi's throughout the entire San Francisco Bay Area. 

Mariachi Nueva Generacion, as we know them today, consists of thirteen members with a modern instrumentation setup. The guitarrón, the "heartbeat" of the music, providing its deep sonorous bass lines; the small hump-backed 5-string treble vihuela, which provides the rhythmic strums and chords; a normal classical guitar, adding more dimension and depth to the rhythm section; violins, which act as both melodic instruments and counter harmony background; and trumpets, which serve as the main melodic instruments, projecting the sound of the group into the future. Mariachi Nueva Generacion's repertoire consists of well over 300 musical pieces, and includes many styles from various regions of Mexico. Mariachi Nueva Generacion are continues to hold high standards in every aspect of their performances and aim at conserving mariachi music in the world for future generations.

Home Base: San Francisco