Marc Schmid - Caricatures

Marc has been doing caricature for 35 years and calls himself, “The old-timer of the Bay Area.”  His father was himself a Caricature Artist, working for Disney for many years, and Schmid picked up the skill from him. The pair worked at various events, creating caricatures in the style of Mort Drucker, the famous Mad magazine cartoonist and caricaturist.

Though Schmid has appeared at many outdoor public events, he has also been commissioned for corporate parties, fundraisers and some unusual work. He’s drawn caricatures of babies and poodles, been flown to Europe for a private party, worked in New Zealand, Mexico and across the country, once even drawing inmates at San Quentin!

Schmid uses a watercolor pen and easel-mounted paper for his caricature work, but it just as handy with digital work, using his trusty iPad.

Home Base: San Francisco