Sometimes, guests need to be treated like, well, like queens. Waited on hand and foot, read to from their favorite novels, serenaded by candlelight, poured a personalized cocktail and complimented every 15 minutes in a french accent. In most cities men like this - who also happen to be toned, tanned and chiseled - are impossible to find, but in San Francisco, you just book a Manservant. Part most interesting man in the world, part English butler, Manservants are trained to always arrive in perfect formal attire, to anticipate the needs of guests and to treat every single guest with chivalry and class. Whether an event calls for a suave James Bond or a rugged mountain man from Middle Earth, ManServants keep in character and even answer to any name picked for them and customized for the event. Bring the service and the eye candy up a notch at your next event and book a ManServant to finally treat you and your guests right. 

ManServants at a bachelorette party: Think elegant butler meets pool boy: he'll pour drinks, serve charcuteries, and photograph the entire event.

ManServants at a Girls Night Out: At the club, he'll act as your bodyguard: secure drinks, shoo away douchebags, and drop off or pick you up curbside.

ManServants at a summer soiree: Part hot host, part waitstaff: he'll receive friends, distribute hors d'oeuvres, bus tables, play music, and serve shots.

ManServants at a sporting event: Going to a ballgame? He'll be your sports announcer, wait in line for the restroom, and get your hot dogs.

Man Servants at a pool party:Your personal cabana boy swims drinks right to your floatie, provides towel service, and plays grillmaster at the BBQ.

Home Base: Los Angeles