Make Your Own Perfumes Workshop

Personal perfumes aren't just for celebrities.

With this perfume-making workshop, guests can create their own one-of-a kind perfume. A personal fragrance can be a thoughtful and unique gift, a fun, creative expression, or simply a memorable personal indulgence.

Attendees will enjoy a perfume consultation with a perfume experience guide by learning a little about the construction of perfumes. Then, they'll begin designing their own fragrances. Their signature blends will be formed from their choices of quality essential and fragrance oils and aroma blends. They can include as many, or as little, elements as they prefer.

Once they have designed their fragrances, it’s time to make it up. The perfume that they will take home will be made up right then, so they can wear their creations immediately. They then choose a label, give their fragrances names and leave with their beautiful creations.

Making your own signature fragrance is a wonderful experience!

Home Base: San Francisco